My heart got tortured the past week. My nephew’s getting married.  Saturday was the Wedding Shower. A niece and […]

Flag IMG_1960It’s Memorial Day.  Today’s paper has the names of all the soldiers from this county who died in wars, beginning from the Civil War. I live in a county that a few medium-sized cities, small villages, along with many farms and preserved open spaces.  The number of soldiers willing to give their life for a cause they believe in is astounding:

Civil War:  345 soldiers

WWI:  90 soldiers

WWII:  293 soldiers

This weekend, I traveled.  Mom got out of the hospital, and is on her way back to normal.  Although I left her thinking she looked a little peaked, this morning she sounded great, and my sister, Julie, texted me to say she’s doing much better.  Sorry, but I don’t trust Mom to tell the truth about her health.  She is always, “Great,” or possibly “just wearing out a bit.”  So you can imagine that first on my Gratitude this week is Mom.

♥  Yes, Mom is 87.  And yes, I’m beginning to think perhaps someday…. but not today.  

Oh thank goodness for warmer weather.  After driving through the aftermath of snow in Kentucky, I am thankful for the great snow removal efforts we have here in Illinois.  We complain about cold and snow, and wish it got cleared and salted faster than it does, but our slow-down is nothing compared to Kentucky.  Anyways, the snow is almost gone there and here.  I know we have more cold weather on the way. Still, a respite is a blessing.

♥  New growth: Daffodils and crocuses are finally pushing through the soil.  Yay.

♥  Another history making event.  

Here I am again, Monday. So many little things fill me with gratitude. Still, sometimes I feel like I must dig deep to remember.  Especially when I feel overwhelmed with deadlines. Soooo… In no particular order:

♣  It’s March.  Yes, it’s still cold.  I know the worst is over.  This week promises to get above freezing and rain. That means a lot of snow will be, well, going down the drain.

♣  I have deadlines. That means someone, two newspapers, in fact, like my writing enough to give me stories to write. I’m getting a steady income.  Yes!Restoration 4