Bud Corley, Narrator

Bud Corely, narrator of A Ship of Pearl

Bud Corley is an experienced narrator with access to Pint Size Studio and an experienced audio engineer, his son, Joe.  Together the quality of the work is stunning. 

Bud grew up on the south side of Chicago and now lives in a far Northwest suburb. He’s a University of Illinois graduate, majoring in History.  He served in US Army reserve from 1972-1978.  Bud spent the major part of his career in the communications technology industry.

When Bud is not narrating, he’s pursuing his passion:  renovating his home. Originally built in 1838 by William C Ryder and a couple of the Ryder brothers, it is the oldest standing structure in the county.  The former owner added to the house in 1989 using all recycled or repurposed materials. Timbers and stone are from local barns; four matching doors, from a monastery in France; New Orleans Shot-Gun House doors and hinges are in the great-room; and a centerpiece chandelier was originally part of the 1893 Columbian exhibitions.  Bud’s passion combines his love of woodwork and remodeling with his love of history.

Bud never too far from the people he loves: his wife Marty, his son, Joe, two daughters, Kelly and Amy, five grandkids.