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Growing North: at 27 miles per hour

 Author: John Bruhn & Jim Julison  Publisher: Black Tortoise Press  ISBN: 9780997912463

John and Jim, two fifties babies are ready to go it alone after high school graduation, so they set out on a “rad” adventure of a lifetime.

Equipped with Traveler’s Cheques, backpacks, and a secret compartment in their rebuilt 1948 Jeep, the teens soon realize their Boy Scout training and a community survival class, provided the bare minimum of what they need to know. As they wave goodbye to their families and friends, they book it out of town with a cassette tape playlist and a box of canned goods. Little do they know how soon their ability to adapt will be challenged.

Come along for the ride, as Jim and John travel from the suburbs of Chicago through the Badlands and on to a British Columbia Cattle ranch where they learn what it’s like to be a barely-paid ranch hand.

The ‘70s is called the “finding one’s self” decade and these two knuckle-heads, embark on that journey.