Style from the Stylus

I learned early that my style requires a put-on-and-forget-it ease.  Why? Because most of the time I’m looking inward or outward, not in a mirror.  I need hair that finger-brushes back in place, clothes that stay in place, make-up that is simple.

Once I asked my sister, Deanna, who always looks like a fashion plate, even when she gets out of bed in the morning, how she keeps her lipstick so fresh all day.

“Re-apply,” she said, with more than a note of disdain.

I never thought of that. Yes, really.

At the same time, I love to look and feel feminine.

Along the way, I pick up a few tips and tricks and point out some places and products I love. I decided to share them without apology or self-criticism. That’s really hard for me.

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