I love the Movies.  I watch a lot of movies.  Just last night, I saw Desperado on TV.

I go to the movie theatre a lot.  Nothing beats the feel of a big picture in a dark theatre, surrounded by a crowd with common emotional response.

I think I went as often this year as any other year, but I have a lot of movies to go to get ready for the Oscars this year.  The awards are March 2.

Here are the numbers:

56 films nominated,

  • 10 I’ve already seen;
  • 1 I’m not sure whether I’ve seen (Iron Man 3); and
  • 3 that I don’t want to see (The Hobbit, August:  Osage County, Bad Grandpa)
  • 14 that I don’t have access to (the short films, the documentaries, the foreign films)

That means I have 50% of the films left.

OMG, I am officially daunted.  I’ll never make it.

I have 28 films to watch in 33 days.

I have a plan:  I’ll watch