If I counted correctly, somewhere along the line, I missed two weeks. Yes, 2022 ends in just 9 […]

I feel so lucky that I am writing for a local newspaper.  I never tire of the interesting people I meet.  Everyone has an interesting story.  Everyone has a history.

Last month Camille Paddock gifted me with her poise and grace.  She took a painful experience and propelled it into a national, perhaps international, anti-bullying campaign.  This month, Camille visited the a local school.  Some parents choked back tears as they described the bullying their children endured.  Yesterday, Beanie dropped the DVD of Camille’s speech at the local high school.

A high school football player, K, slammed his locker shut with such force that he nearly severed the finger of my grandson, B, whose locker is next to K’s. (K was angry that he left his own shorts outside.) B’s injury is such that he is “out for the season,” cannot go to his part-time job, which requires the use of both of his hands, and is out of school for at least a week. The injury required a trip to the emergency room, X-rays, stitches, and a bug-eyed Doctor’s recommendation to see a specialist. The cut exposed tendon, vessels, and nerves. One bone broke, and B has nerve damage. Although it’s too soon to tell regarding the nerve damage, the prognosis is good for a full recovery is good. I have a picture, but they make me a little squeamish, so save it until the end for the strong of heart. Here’s a picture of Halloween hotdogs instead.  If you really want to see the gory details, scroll down past “Related Articles.”

Camille often wears a wig to hide the effects of her Alopecia.

Every once in a while, I meet some one who sticks in my heart.  Camille Paddock is one of those people.  To look at her, you’d never guess at “Almost 16 year-old,”  she’s been put through the ringer by people who claimed to be her friends. She came out on top as a spokesperson for the underdog and beauty pageant queen.

When Camille was eight years old, she began to lose her hair. Not just a few strands; she lost handfuls of hair, until by the time she was in fifth grade, only a small rim of hair remained. Doctors dismissed. Camille’s condition as stress.  One even told her