Wait! We can’t party like this.

Acrylic platform shoes.
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No! Not this kind of platforms.

The Presidential Democratic and Republican Party Platforms.  These go beyond what the Presidential Candidates say in their stump speeches. The platforms go beyond any one candidate.  These are the statements re-written every four years that describes in detail the official principles, policy stances, and priorities of the party.

The Democratic Platform is 80 pages long.  The Republican Platform is 59 pages.  

The Republican Party decided to adopt the 2016 platform exactly as it, even though it mentions Obama 20 times and the prior administration 22 times. I find this sorta strange, don’t you? I mean, there’s that search and replace tool most people know how to use.

The Democratic Party Platform is still in draft form. Still, more than likely, it’s pretty solid.

I’m going to read them both, even though I’ll be re-reading the Republican Platform from four years ago.  Cuz, you know what?  I’m going to vote in November like I do every year.  And you know what else?  There is more to this election than just Joe and Don duking it out.

I’ll report back next week.  Interested?  I hope so.

Just for a little sneak-peek, here’s a look at the tables of content: