Half Glass

Mr. L’s parents tell me they work with him about a looking at things from the positive.  Even when they explained to then ten-year-old about looking at things from the perspective of the glass half full, he said, “You know Mom, when the glass is half empty and you’re supposed to think about it as half-full…”

This got me thinking.

Maybe Mr. L’s half-empty is indeed positive.  Afterall, [tweetthis] half-empty has room for more. [/tweetthis] Because, well, because it has all that empty space. Perhaps all those who seem to be pessimistic are more optimistic than we give them credit for.  Perhaps looking at pessimism from another perspective can make it seen as a positive.  Afterall, if I always think the worse will happen, I can only be pleasantly surprised by the outcome — never disappointed.

Do here’s some of the things I don’t like, from a different perspective: