So many things, big and small, so much variety.  I had a rough patch. Nothing earth shattering.  A little breath-holding before an exhalation of relief. CeCe told me she realized I was getting old when I turned 47.  She promptly put that out of her head and no longer thinks I’m old.  Neither do I.  But lately, I ruminate about Mom getting old.  She’s 87.  I’m so blessed to have her. I contemplated how much I will miss her.  Someday.  Hopefully, not soon, but time is getting short. Dad is gone, Loved-One’s parents are gone.  She’s here and strong mentally and physically. Then last Monday struck.  I called here house and my niece answered.  Mom couldn’t get out of bed.  Sisters took her to the hospital, where she told everyone to go home.  She didn’t want people hovering.  She has spinal stenosis.  It’s not the kind of disease that kills you.  It’s the kind that makes you wish you would die.  Sisters called with updates.  She was not getting the quality of care needed for an elderly person with a variety of chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, appropriate pain management, etc.)  So of course, first on my list:

♥  Mom is home. She’s happy.  Her illness, a bad nightmare. She’s back talking politics, state of the union, and plans for grandchildren’ weddings.DSC04669

♥  My friend Vic and his Love of Great Books.  He started a new reading group with that name.  So far I’ve read