In January, I heard that France made “doggy-bags” mandatory. No, the French are not compelled to take their […]

A rabbit the size of a cocker spaniel

August is County Fair month.  I mean to go every year. With all that intention, it’s been a long time.  This year I went.  4-H nostalgia washed over me. The cows, the pigs, the rabbits.  The cookies, the pies, the veggies. This week, I’m interviewing two blue ribbon exhibitors for newspaper feature articles.  The 11-year-old scone baker, started 4-H when she was six!

Maybe all that nostalgia is my eyes stopped  National Geographic’s Why Animals Make Us Better People.”  Dr. Pol is a 73-year-old veterinarian and star of The Incredible Dr. Pol television show. He grew up in the Netherlands, but lives in rural Michigan.  Hey, that’s where I grew up.

I think she looked at me, Bro
What are these twins discussing? I bet it’s not sunscreen.

Everyone seems to wear sunscreen these days. Next to everyone knows UVA and UVB rays contribute to skin cancer.  That’s especially important to fairer than fair people like me.  (Someone once told me I look like a ghost on the beach.)

Lots of cosmetics have sunscreen as part of the formula.  I know my BB Cream does. But what’s in that sunscreen, and what happens to it when it washes off when we go swimming? Where does all that sunscreen go? And what does it do to the environment?