1,000 Words worth: 2017-2

A photo of an ordinary situation, and a little story to go with it. The photo is from a desk in my church's office.

Doris reminded herself that she needed this job. Even if she hated it.  Why did she say she knew how to do CAD?  I should have said, “I know cads, and I’ve done some, too.” at least that’d be the truth. 

“What’s so funny,” said Alan,  prairie-dogging from his side of the cubicle.


“You’re smiling at nothing.”

Doris took a swig from her bottle of Dasani.

“Oh, you know,” she said, twirling a piece of hair with her little finger. “I just think all these update meetings are a waste of time. I mean, we’re all self-starters. Right?”

“Yeah,” said Alan.  “I don’t need a crank to get me going.” He laughed and disappeared back inside his cube.

Doris smoothed her inspirational card.

[tweetthis]One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to somebody, [/tweetthis]she thought.  Smart woman, that Mother Theresa. I’m never gonna be nobody to anybody.

She coughed, pulled up the CAD help screen and began reading.  She coughed again.

“I think I’m coming down with a cold,” she said.


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