1,000 Words worth: 2017-28

On Friday, I like to take an ordinary photo of something I’ve seen during the week and create a bit of flash fiction.  I call it 1,000 words worth, because,  you know, a picture is worth…. For more information, click here.

Mother Goose never thought she would end up like this. Imprisoned and forced to perform at the will of the State.

“It’s not a political statement,” she hooted, looking down her nose a Robin.

“Defamation of character,” tweeted Robin, popping around in front of Mother Goose’s prison cell.

“You spoke the truth about Bo Peep, and that kid who lives down the lane, but when you venture into bird territory, that’s when the State steps in. “Robin was within her rights to call the authorities,” cawed Blue Jay. “

You should have stuck to human criticism.” Mother Goose, lifted her snout and almost snorted.

A Robin and a Robin's son,

Went to town to buy a bun.

They couldn't decide on plum or plain.
So they went back home again.

“Hear that? Hear that? Hear that? Robins are decidedly not indecisive.”

[tweetthis]Indignant was not a color that Robin wore well. [/tweetthis]

“Tssh, tssh, don’t ruffle your feathers,” said Blue Jay. “She’s behind bars now. What harm can she do? Really?”

Mother Goose would have smirked, if she could have pulled her bill up at the corners. Instead, she continued her steady stare.