1,000 Words worth: 2017-9

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Milo holds out hope. Love endures. And not a single petal has fallen from the rose he purchased for her.  How many weeks ago was it?  Of course he could figure it out, but why waste the time? He decides to wait until the last petal falls.

Kerri promised she would come. Now she was gone.  Not only did she fail to show up for their date, she was literally gone.  Not a trace.

Milo thought about what he’d say to her the next day at work.  No show.

He thought about what she’d say when he knocked on her apartment door.  She didn’t answer. The landlord said she moved.


Milo’s heart pulls in upon itself and begins to wither, not unlike the rose he pins his hope to.  Still, not a petal drops.


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