1,000 Wordsworth: 2018-5

Fridays I reserve for a photo and a bit of flash fiction. This Friday is different. This Friday is CeCi’s birthday, so I’m celebrating the fruits of my labor and spending the day with her and five of my grandchildren. For a trip down memory lane with me and my little Ceci, visit me over at  Once a Little Girl.

Here’s one of my favorite photos of the two of us.  Why do we look so bedraggled and exhausted?  We just finished walking 60 miles to take a stand against breast cancer. [tweetthis]In the words of Love-One, “You’ll do anything for your children.”  [/tweetthis] True.  And, I have a blast.


FYI, I submitted our experience to TribLocal, part of the Chicago  Tribune.  Here’s a copy of what they printed.