1,000 Words worth: 2018-4

Each Friday, [tweetthis]I post a photo and a bit of flash fiction. I keep the words brief because, you know, “a picture is worth a 1,000….” [/tweetthis] To find out more click here. I admit, I skipped a few Fridays.  Still, for some reason Ray and Marla continue to visit me.  Regular readers might remember Ray and Marla from other photo I took along my commute to the south side of Chicago. To refresh your memory or you want to start from the beginning, enter “Marla” in the “Looking for Something” search bar for this site. You can also click on the noun category “Photo Friday” found on the side panel. (If you’re viewing on a smart-phone or tablet, depending on your device, this may be in a different location.) I know, I know, Photo Friday is not really a noun category like people, places, and things..

“See, I told you brown can taste good,” Marla smiled and wiped a drop of crusty supper from the corner of Ray’s mouth.

“What is it?” Ray swiped her sleeve across her mouth.

Trumble got up, locked his fingers behind his back, and arched so his neck stretched long and his eyes searched the ceiling. He retrieved a photo from the wall.

“See all this brown?” Trumble said, placing the photo in front of Ray.  “Those things were once various shades of green, filled with nutrients that no one noticed back then.”

“I know that story. Marla’s told it to me a ga-zillion times.” Ray laced her arms on the table plopped her chin down on them.

“Did she tell you we gathered the detritus and saved it in boxes?”

“Is that what this is?  Detritus Stew?”

Marla and Trumble laughed.

“I want to know what this thing is?” Ray underlined the dilapidated structure on top of a pole.  “Is that a bird house?” she added, hope seeping out of her words.

“That’s a mailbox,” said Trumble.  “A mailman delivered mail to little box like this, right in front of everyone’s house. Unless you lived in the city. Then the mailboxes were pushed closed together.” He took a long breath. “Sorta like the people.”

[tweetthis]Ray sat up straight in her chair, back at attention.  “What’s mail?”[/tweetthis]