2022 RAK Week #6 (on hiatus due to sadness)

I decided to devote 2022 to recognizing kindness extended to me.

This week, I had a hard time recognizing kindness sent my way. Sadness envelopes my days.

Covid-19 isn’t over with us yet. And this time it’s personal.

Sharon and her family did everything right. They go vaccinated. They got boosted. They wore masks. They isolated when exposed and quarantined when, one by one, they caught a mild case. And then it was Sharon’s turn.

Sharon is my sister-in-law. A woman as positive as a glittered Christmas card, she got her usual sinus infection during the holidays. Sorry, not the usual sinus infection. This time it was a mild case of Covid-19 that turned into pneumonia, which led to being put on a ventilator. And today, that will end.

I almost missed extreme kindness

Sharon’s daughter Lisa called me.

“I don’t know how much you know,” she said. She went on to explain that her siblings are gathering. She doesn’t know how to tell her daughter. She just wants me to know.

In her grief, she thought to call her aunt-by-marriage.

Loved-One and I were on our way to watch a comedian when Lisa called. Proof of vaccination required, masks mandatory.

Sadness can morph into anger.

Loved-One wanted to punch the fellow that took his mask off as soon as the lights went down. The next day, I repeatedly urged Loved-One to call his brother. Instead, he called a friend. I felt frustration, until

I had an epiphany. I needed to think less about what his brother needed and more about what Loved-One needed.

I called Lisa to thank her for her incredible act of kindness. We cried together.

A friend of mine writes about handling grief. I often read, Carol Cassara’s tender essays. Today her wisdom is a kind balm for my heart.

Sometime soon, the hopeful sign on the window will be gone. The woman bubbling over with love, joy, and caring will no longer be fighting. In the words of the hymn:

The strife is o’er, the battle done.

The victory of life is won;

The song of triumph has begun:



More than 2400 people are still dying every day from Covid-19. Covid fatigue doesn’t make it stop.

Over 900,000 families share memories to fill hearts left hollow by evaporated hope.

The official Random Act of Kindness Day is February 17. Visit the Website here. “The work to create a kinder world never ends. There is no limit on the amount of goodness we can put into the world..”

Use the hashtags #MakeKindnessTheNorm #RAKday #RandomActsofKindnessDay. Most importantly, “In a world where you can be anything…Be kind.” (And be willing to receive the kindness offered.)

I’ll be watching through my rose-colored glasses for opportunities to give a RAK. And I’ll have my antennae up ready to recognize when I get a RAK or see one.