A Janus Look-Forward at 2015

Yesterday I posted on my goals progress for 2014, a final re-cap, with a final grade of “success.”  To tell the truth, those goals kinda gave me a back-to-the-corporate world.  Yes, it’s great to have a future in site and to plan concert mileposts to measure that success. Still, my life is no longer as scheduled as it should be.

campingI took a look back at my journal and found my days filled with To-Dos and TaDas.  I chroniclef Calories, Exercise, and Weight.  What I accomplished and what I left behind. Always coming up short, I reaffirmed my core belief that I’m never quite enough. Always a bit further to go, a little more to achieve.


I returned to my old friend, Stephen Covey.  What’s most important? How do I people to remember me? What do I want to leave behind? How do I “sharpen my saw.”

I revisited a habit from my past. One I shared.  When Loved-One entered into my life, we came up with a 5-Year Plan.  I wrote it down in my Palm Pilot. (Remember those?) Every anniversary, which happens to be near the end of January, we took out The Plan, to see if we still wanted those things.

Visit 7 Continents

Live in a Small House on a Large Lot

Establish a Business

Find a Good Job for CoCo

Become a Published Author


We only looked at our Plan once a year, some time in January.  Janus, a time for new beginnings.  A time to look back, and plan forward.

We visited North America, South America, and Africa.  CoCo went through hospitality training and got a job at a restaurant, and another at a grocery store, we built our house with enough room for a big garden.garden Loved-One began working from home. I got my Masters Degree in Written Communication.

rado flyer

My father became ill.  He passed away.  Loved-One’s father got sick, he passed away, Loved-One’s mother followed.  Weddings, grandchildren, the corporate world, funerals, and divorce whirled and whistled.  We remembered our anniversary, but forgot our Plan.

We visited Europe.  I “retired” when the company I worked for closed. Love-One’s business took a new direction. I started blogging and writing for two newspapers.

Last week we lingered over breakfast at our favorite place, Benedict’s La Strada.

“You know, we need another Plan,” I said.  “We accomplished almost everything.”

Loved One nodded and put down the sports section.

Here goes:

In the next Five Years We Plan to:

Visit Asia and Australia;

Drive Route 66;

Make enough money to live comfortably (not as much as we might think;)

Get my book published.


Faith, Family, and Health are the things that nourish me and give me strength. Stephen Covey wisdom reminds me to be conscious of “Sharpening the Saw.”  Faith, Family, and Health are the three things that must be kept sharp, must be maintained, must be in tiptop condition in order for my life to be at its happiest.

To Sharpen the Saw:

Pray and Meditate20130611-143821.jpg

Eat Healthy and Stay Active (Mind and Body)IMG_1420

Connect with Family and Friends

stay-water board 1 (1)


I’ll still keep a journal, but no more ToDos, no more rehashing the failures and the forgottens.  No more monthly goals assessments.

And one more thing I plan to do:

Remember to Laugh.  Laughing is my Favorite Thing.


I have my new 5-Year Plan in Evernotes on my iPhone. Maybe I’ll report again in January 2016. No promises.

How are you approaching 2016?  I’d love to hear your plans. Or lack of plans.