A Ragtag challenge: Imp

furious boy in devil costume Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

I love a writing challenge. Ragtag Community opens the challenge to poetry, works of art, or short stories. I’m still enthralled with Boy with a Hat and his 50-word challenge to be succinct. So, I’m piggy-backing Ragtag with Boy.


Smarty-pants, bugbear, stinker, imp. Malita stomped her foot, fists on hips. 

Even at her young age, she understood the purpose of tags.  She wagged her tongue.”Leedle-liddle-leedle-lee. Jesus washed my sins away,” Malita lilted. “But don’t worry, I’ll get them back.”

Mom rolled her eyes as Granpa hid his impish grin.

I had a good time bringing Malita to life. I especially liked using my thesaurus for imp synonyms. I hope to work bugbear into my vocabulary. It’s an old word that rates right up there with “dolt” and “cad” on my word-pleasure meter.