Abundant Monday: Halloween

cubs-win-3This is the week that the CUBs, in a nail-biter game, kept hope alive for so many fans.  Me included.  So, for the first time in my history, I put October baseball at the top of my list.  #GoCubsGo!

Another Monday, another day to take stock of the little and big things that make my life abundant.

  • My newspaper job.  I love interviewing people.  Everyone has a different story.  Everyone inspires me to a better person.
  • Dr. Koch, the Dean of Students in the Written Communication Master of Science program at National Louis University.  She encourages students to submit for the schools MOSAIC anthology.  This week I attended the 2016 celebration of new writers, and I reconnected with my friends Emma and Susan. Lovely.  Lovely, indeed.
  • Grandkids and another Christmas Outing.  I know that schedules are busier every year. It’s difficult to get 12 kids to go in the same direction.  For now, I celebrate the commitment to celebrate together.
  • Knitting looms.  cubs-win-2I made two hats while watching the Cubs game last night.  One for my childhood doll, Jonesy-Belle.  Yes, she’s a little worn by the years.  So am I.
  • Salon Cora and Denise.  We plan a fundraiser for the local Food Pantry.  Details are still in the works.  We both committed to November.
  • Ham and Swiss sandwiches on sour dough and Cheez-Its. I’ll throw in an apple for a little natural teeth cleaning and  a bottle of water, and I’m set for my Amtrak trip to Michigan.
  • A Loved-One who is also a CPA.  This weekend he put together a tracking spreadsheet for the book sales.  Yup, everything balances.
  • Senior Citizen discounts that make travel affordable.  Need I say more?  Yay Amtrak.
  • Wireless keyboards and wi-fi.  I’m old enough to remember “portable” typewriters. I had one!  Now I can fit my keyboard and my iPad in my purse, board Amtrak and I can work, play, read, and communicate while I travel.
  • A new tool to hone my flute skills.  Pretty affordable from Flute World.cubs-win-1-1
  • Of course, I love Halloween.  Candy, kids, costumes.  So much fun.  I love that the neighborhood [tweetthis]kids still come around, ring the bell, and shout “Trick or Treat.” [/tweetthis]

What’s on your gratitude list this week?  As always, your reminders make me realize how blessed I am. So please include a few in the comment section.