Bicycling in Style

I love to bicycle.  It’s good exercise, but that’s not why I love it.  Bicycling makes me feel like a little girl.  Especially when I have my turquoise bike from L.L.Bean and my great basket on front. (See how I bungied by ice-tea to the inside of the basket?)  Especially, Especially when I have little girls and boys to ride along with me.
bicycling - 1No, I’m not riding in a skirt.  That’s my new skort from Kohl’s and a matching long tank underneath, so I don’t feel self-conscious about the see-throughedness of my linen shirt.  I love skorts because they are so versatile.  I also don’t like the way it feels to sit down in a skirt without anything on my legs. Skorts fix that. I have on my walking shoes from Travel Smith and a linen slouch shirt from so long ago, I don’t know where I got it.

bicycling - 1 (1)

Here we are after our 6 mile ride. Here’s a trick I learned when I wore a hard-hat most of the day.  Before donning my helmet, I finger-rake my hair straight back.  That prevents the dreaded flat hair helmet-head look. A friend nick-named Demolition Debbie taught me that trick.  She had long hair that she finger-raked in a circle around her head before donning her hard-hat.  At the end of the day her hair looked like she just came out of one of those fancy blow-dry bars; styled and ready to go.

CeCi and I got the same turquoise bike. (Mine’s an extra-small; the only thing that size that fits me anymore.)  We waffled about looking dorky in our look-alike bikes.

“How often will you be seen together, anyways,” the clerk said.

Turns out, quite a lot.

In case you’re wondering, yes, those are identical, mirror-image twins, and yes, those are all CeCe’s children.