Hitching a Ride with “Craigslist Joe”

Day 573: Hitch-Hiker
Day 573: Hitch-Hiker (Photo credit: Manic Street Preacher)

My oldest brother, six years younger than me, hitch-hiked across America.  He left with a back-pack full of clean underwear and a clean pair of jeans, a Bible, and $50.  He hitch-hiked until he ran out of money.  He got part-time jobs until he got enough money to hit the road again.

My brother, Loren, was not quite out of college.  He took a break from studying.  By then I was a mother of small children.  I have a terrific memory, but if it happened during the 70s, I either don’t recall it at all, or the details are hazy.  I suppose drugs can do that to a body and mind.  So can birthing four children in six years, tenant-farming and finishing college.  Ahhh… for the days of high energy and stamina on little sleep.

I envied my brother’s adventurous spirit.  He stayed safe, met great people, and only had his faith in people jolted once:  A trucker stole his back-pack.  Loren was certain the trucker made a mistake and would contact him soon to arrange a return.  It never happened.  Loren really missed his Bible.

Today Melody Godfred from “Write in Color”  introduced me to “Craigslist Joe.”  Joe did something like what Loren did in the ’70s.  And, Joe made a documentary of his adventures, which I can hardly wait to see.  The trailer fills me with hope and joy.  Or in the words of the cafe-owner in The Muppets Take Manhatten:

Peoples is Peoples, wherever you go.

And peoples are, for the most part, pretty darned kind, generous, and good.


In case you’re wondering, Loren is married with two children.  He is a partner in an engineering firm.  His oldest just graduated from college and is setting out on an adventure of his own soon.  And, he did get a new Bible.

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