Columbia & Keen

My friend suggested this pose, guaranteed it made everyone look slimmer.  Hmmm….

I did a little planning before I left for Florida.  It’s hot and humid. I’m going to be walking all day.  And I’ll probably get wet – I do love the water rides.

The day I wore this outfit, it got to 95%.  I don’t know what the humidity was, but looking at my hair, it was up there.  Am I the only one who can feel my hair get big as it soaks up moisture from the air?

Several people recommended Keen sandals.  Coco and I each got a pair before we left.  They are very, very comfortable and supportive.  I walked at least 8 miles each of the six days in Florida. They dried out fast after water rides. The only thing is, that my feet did get sweaty in these sandals. My feet don’t usually sweat, so this situation seemed odd to me.

I love my Columbia cargo pants.  I bought this pair at the end of last summer at Dick’s.  The fabric is whisper light-weight, dries fast, and fits so comfortably.  Especially around the waist. I have trouble getting pants that fit well around the hips and don’t leave a gap big enough to act as a book bag around the waist.  These Columbia fit perfectly.  I went back and got another pair, then before the trip, I got a third color on Amazon.  The pockets are roomy enough for a little wallet, my cell phone, lip balm, and a few other necessities. A reasonable price, too.

The shirt is from my trip to Rome a few years ago.  Mom suggested I buy it. I did.  Somehow she has a good eye for what looks good on me.  I’ve gotten so many compliments, I know it looks good. Washable, packable, and light as silk, it’s a keeper.  I hope it wears for a few more years.

Ready for the amusement parks
Ready for the amusement parks