Come meet Paul Rausch: Music Teacher

I’m one of those people who could be a career students.  I loved school from the very first day of kindergarten.  I looked forward to homework. And tests were something I took to prove to myself I knew what was important.

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Of course I loved my teachers.  Well, most of them. There were a few bad apples.

My life has almost always revolved around the school calendar.  I married a teacher, then we had children. After that I went back to school (twice.) I have teachers as family and teachers as friends.  My son is a teacher and so are daughters-in-law.

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It’s a great honor to meet and celebrate a man who devoted over three decades of his life to teaching music. Over 350 people from across the country gathered to celebrate and literally sing his praises. For Paul Rausch, it was more than teaching music. It was growing responsible, kind adults.

I had a hard time getting him to talk about himself. He heaped praise and amazement on his former students throughout our time together. But, his students opened their hearts with praise like this from Natasha  “It was such a magical weekend celebrating the career and influence of an incredible man.”

Come meet Paul Rausch and find out more about him, here.

These are Paul’s sons. The musical apple didn’t fall far from the tree.