Fifty Day: Adelaina Victoria

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I thank my good friend, Diane, for suggesting I set up a formal Challenge. Almost everything she writes makes me smile. (Except when she makes me cry.) Check out her blog at “On the Border.”

I started a challenge to write a story that is exactly 50 words! Thank you, Boy with a Hat. Not that he set up a formal challenge, but it was his idea. And his writing is worth checking out. So please click the link and find out what he’s up to. If you want to begin at my beginning, click here or search in the side panel with the words, “fifty day.”

So how to proceed? For the most part, I’m using my character inspiration, Dorothy Astoria’s The Name Book. Today, I turned thought of one of my newest nieces, Adelaina Victoria. Yes, choose to believe just might be named after me. HaHaHa. If only!

“Adelaina Victoria’s left hand cramps letters onto paper. Flash-backs of kindergarten knead her heart. 

Not everyone has a name like Jane. 

She smiles at the clerk, while her brain squeezes sour. 

Change is coming. I’m gonna be it.  

That’s when Adelaina Victoria conceived contractable/expandable ink, ultimately nurturing it into life.

Sounds like a good idea. And I like her spirit.

Wednesdays are super-fun and challenging because paring down to 50 words is really hard. And so much fun. I never know what’s going to flow directly from my brain to my fingertips and onto the virtual page.

I love finding out what you think.

Would you like to join me in for a 50-Word Wednesday Challenge? Please add your link in the comments section. I promise to pop over and read your stories.

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