Fifty Day: Donovan

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I started a challenge to write a story that is exactly 50 words! Thank you, Boy with a Hat. Not that he set up a formal challenge, but it was his idea. And his writing is worth checking out. So please click the link and find out what he’s up to.

So how to proceed? For the most part, I’m using my character inspiration, Dorothy Astoria’s The Name Book. For Week 8, I decided to write about a male. I thought I’d find something beginning with “E,” but when I opened the book, Donovan found me. A character immediately came into focus. Now, what will he do?

Donovan army crawls to his bed’s edge and slaps the alarm into submission. He fumbles for his hairbrush before exacting 60 strokes through his raven hair. Model-perfect locks cascade across Donovan’s chiseled jaws.

“Rise and shine,” Dad calls from the kitchen.

“Shine, anyways.” Donovan wrestles his smile into a wheelchair.

That was super-fun and challenging. Getting Donovan into his wheelchair with a sense of humor intact was really difficult. How old do you think Donovan is? I left that part out because, you know, only 50 words.

Wednesdays will be my Fifty day at least on and off again. I do have a lot of words blowing around inside of me. Still, I’m kinda enjoying how much can be said in so few words. It’s a bit like writing poetry.

I’m not sure if I can hold off writing about other things. I can’t leave thoughts trapped up there in my brain, can I? Well, I did have something else roaming around up there, but somehow it escaped during the night.