Game Plan Report: April 2014

Okay, maybe I should make Distraction my middle name.  (My initials will be ADD.  Hmmm…) Most the time I’m pretty focused; I just want to do so many different things.  Along came Candy Crush.  I wasn’t even interested, until all my favorite TV shows started including it as part of the current culture.  I don’t even like it, but I keep playing.  Get behind me Candy Crush; I have A Game Plan.

My Game plan for 2014:

  1. Get my novel published:  I will get editors, a cover designer, and a publisher.  I will.

    Progress:  Rod passed my manuscript and author profile on to the Senior Editor at Harvest House.  I got a very nice rejection e-mail from him.  He said, in part:   “I looked at your submission and the writing is better than most I see, so I do think you’re a good writer. But…  I want to encourage you to keep writing and keep sharpening your craft. ”  Oh now, that’s good-bad news, isn’t it.Guy KawasakiSo I contacted a content editor, as advised by Guy K, and identified a couple of agents to talk to.  Forging ahead.  Plus, this month I’ll take steps toward artisanal publishing.  (I just love that term.  Thanks Guy.)April is NaWriPoMo and I’m taking the challenge again.  Get prepared to see me exercise.  I am not a poet, so please take it with the same humor as watching me Zumba.  It’s the exercise that matters here.

  2. Knit or crochet yarn stash into hats for charity: 
    Miss K with her arm-knitted scarf.
    Miss K with her arm-knitted scarf.

    I have a lot of yarn stash.

    Progress:  I took another break from finishing the yarn stash and knitting Loved-One’s sweater. (His sleeves are more than 1/2 way done.)  I got
    enamored with “arm knitting.”  I used up some stash with trial #1, and promptly got some big bulky pink yarn for trial #2.  I knit this scarf for Miss K in 1/2 hour.

  3. Make enough money writing to pay property taxes:  Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in 2013.

    Progress:   4 more newspaper articles for a local paper.  (That makes a total of 8 this month.) I also landed a gig teaching a one day seminar in technical writing.  I applied for BlogHer‘s ad campaign, but it’s all full up.  Drat.

  4. Expand my platform: a key to successful selling of a published book, I’m told.

    Progress:  BlogHer, SheWrites, Instagram, Twitter, FB page; Google+; Growing, still growing.

  5. Experience Night atDSCN5543 the Museum with Two More Grandkids.

    Progress:  This coming weekend!  Yay!  It’s Miss K and Mr. L.  Mr. L plans to be a paleontologist when he grows up.  Miss K has her heart set on fashion design.  I can’t wait to show her some of the clothing from civilizations past.

  6. Travel Route 66 with Loved-One:  I plan to get some sponsors and write about out trip.

    Progress:  I got some thoughts together on possible sponsors to contact and determined an early fall getaway.  I better clue in Loved-One.

  7. Volunteer:  Last year I tried a women’s shelter.  Maybe this year, the food pantry.

    Progress:  I’m set for training at “1st Way Pregnancy.”  This shelter mission is “To provide loving assistance, emotional and financial support for women and girls who find themselves in a crisis.”  The values of “1st Way Pregnancy” match mine, that is: empower women to make life-affirming choices by offering financial and emotional support.  (Rather than shaming and coercing with rules and regulations.)

  8. Read two book a month:  Here’s my list to date:This goal doubles my 2013 rate.

    Here’s my list to date (newest on top.)

    Cover of "Bold Spirit: Helga Estby's Forg...
    Cover via Amazon

    Linda Lawrence Hunt:  Bold Spirit:  Helga Estby’s Forgotten Walk Across Victorian America. Helga and her daughter walked from coast to coast in the late 1890s, in Victorian style clothing.  Holy smokes, that’s 12 yards of fabric they dragged around.  I’m so happy for smart wool and light fabrics.

    Michael Allan Scott:  Flight of the Tarantula Hawk – A Lance Underphal Mystery.  I haven’t

    Click on this picture to order Michael’s book from Amazon.

    read many mysteries lately and this one has a supernatural twist.  I’ll be interviewing Michael soon.  (If you follow me on Twitter, you might see some of the quotes I tweet.  Michael really knows how to describe a scene.

    From past months:Rachel Thompson: Broken Pieces (interviewed)
    Guy Kawasaki: APE
    Hilary Grossman:  Dangled Caret (interviewed)
    Candice Millard:   Destiny of the Republic.

  9. Get new carpeting for the lower level:  Ugh!  I don’t even want to go down there, it looks so bad.

    Progress:  None, just a lot of thinking.  I know what  I want.  Now for the execution.

  10. Send St. Patrick’s Day photo cards to friends and family:  A friend sends out Valentine’s Day photo-cars.  I love getting her card after all the hustle-bustle of the Christmas season has subsided. Yes, I’m piggy-backing on her idea.

    Progress: I got my Welcome Spring cards printed, signed and ready to address.  They’re going out today.



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