Game Plan Report: February

My Game plan for 2014:

Guy Kawasaki
Guy Kawasaki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  1. Get my novel published:  I will get editors, a cover designer, and a publisher.  I will.
    Progress:  One publisher viewed three chapters and wants 4 more!  I met Rod at my first ever writers’ conference.  He liked the first chapter; I just had to follow up.  I’m planning to forge ahead with other editors as well.  Plus, I’m reading Guy K’s artisan publishing guide APE.
  2. Knit or crochet yarn stash into hats for charity:  I have a lot of yarn stash.
    Progress:  Three hats made.  Ummm… grandkids saw them, asked for them, and hey, I couldn’t say no.

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  3. Make enough money writing to pay property taxes:  Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in 2013.
    Progress:   2 newspaper articles for a local paper.
  4. Expand my platform: a key to successful selling of a published book, I’m told.
    Progress:  BlogHer, SheWrites, Instagram, Twitter, FB page; Google+; Pinterest, LinkedIn almost 1,000 with extended reach over 100,000.  Not spectacular but growing.  I’m going to be Snap-chatting soon.
  5. Experience Night at the Museum with Two More Grandkids:  Last year, I waited too long, and every single session sold out before summer even got here.  I love camping out with the bones of dinosaurs and exploring mummies by flashlight.  So does Loved-One.  So do the kids.
    Progress:  Overnight scheduled with the grandkids.  Yay!DSCN5543
  6. Travel Route 66 with Loved-One:  I plan to get some sponsors and write about out trip.
    Progress:  None
  7. Volunteer:  Last year I tried a women’s shelter.  Maybe this year, the food pantry.
    Progress:  None
  8. Read two book a month:  This goal doubles my 2013 rate.  Finished these two:  Broken Pieces and The Orchardist.  I interviewed Rachel Thompson.  Stay tuned for a blog post about this fascinating woman, who turns out to have some things in common with me. (Besides writing.)

    Part-way through Dangled Carat by Hilary Grossman and APE by Guy Kawasaki.
  9. Get new carpeting for the lower level:  Ugh!  I don’t even want to go down there, it looks so bad.
    Progress:  None 
  10. Send St. Patrick’s Day photo cards to friends and family:  A friend sends out Valentine’s Day photo-cars.  I love getting her card after all the hustle-bustle of the Christmas season has subsided. Yes, I’m piggy-backing on her idea.
    Progress:  Having second thoughts on this one.

Okay, I AM making progress, and yes, some things are going differently than I envisioned.  Time to vote for the best Super-Bowl Contest and play one game of Candy Crush (Just one, oh that game is addicting.  I don’t even like it.)
But before I go, please tell me:

    • Did you make plans this year?
    • What are you accomplishing this year?
    • Should I drop the St. Patrick’s Day photo card?
    • Are you playing Candy Crush?
    • Got any good books recommend?

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