Gifting My Gift

This fall devastating tornadoes ripped through the middle of the state I live in.  Mother Nature doesn’t seem to care what time of year it is, or who she runs over.  She’s wicked like that.

English: Lady Lake, Fla., February 6, 2007 -- ...
The American Red Cross hands out meals to residents affected by the recent tornadoes. Mark Wolfe/FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia

Donating the American Red Cross is one great way to help.  With crowd-sourcing networks, it’s possible to help a specific family.  I prefer giving directly to the people in need because it avoids the overhead.  Either way, I’m careful, so I check out charities through Better Business Bureau “Wise Giving Report and I prefer to know who I’m helping if I choose a person or a family.  Okay, yes, I bring a little cynicism along with my generosity.

My friend Britt suggested we help restore a destroyed home of one of the victims of the tornadoes instead of exchanging our usual Christmas gifts.  My niece’s student,  little girl named Suzy, lost her home, her toys, her clothes, her every thing.  Suzy’s is the family Britt and I decided to help.

On Christmas Day I’m giving Britt a dove lapel pin, just a token, to remind her of her generosity this Christmas.  The dove pin was a gift to me a few years ago.  I’m having a little trouble saying goodbye to my dove.  Not as much trouble as Suzy, I’m sure of that.




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