Girl Scout Cookies in My Coffee

Oh no!  Not dunking the cookies.  I hate that.

GS Creamers The only thing worse than crumbs in the bottom of my coffee cup is crumbs in the bottom of someone else’s.  Dunking is not allowed at my house.

If you want that good soggy mix of milk/cookie, coffee/cookie, or whateverliquid/cookie, put the cookie in your mouth and take a drink.  Do not, I repeat, do not dunk.


You can get some cookie flavored Coffee-Mate.

GS Creamers1I got some delivered right to my door, still within an official refrigerated temperature of 43°F.  (Yes, I still put on my Quality Assurance hat.)

My favorite is the Thin Mint, but I’m surprised just how much I like the Caramel & Coconut.

Here’s the nutritional side-by-side comparison with half-and-half:

Half & Half Girl Scout Coffee-Mate
Calories 20 35
Fat Calorie 15 15
Cholesterol (mg) 6 0
Sugar (g) 6 0.02
protein (g) 0.44 0


GS Creamers2A little sugar added with the Half & Half, and the calories and sugar are just about equal.

So what’s in the Coffee-Mate if it’s not Half & Half?  Mostly water, vegetable oils and sugar.

Coffee with a little creamer is a good thing.  It helps level out blood sugar.  Caffeine can cause an insulin spike, leading to low blood sugar and hunger cravings.  A little creamer gives the insulin a target, helping to curb my appetite.

Besides, it taste sooooo good.  Plus, I get the added taste of one of my favorite cookies.

Besides coffee, guess what?

Girl Scout flavors are great in hot chocolate.

My favorite for a hot chocolate cooler is the Caramel & Coconut.  The flavor hit me right in the nose, and I fell in love.

On the down side, for me, flavored Coffee-Mate is a little sweet.  Anyways, fat is the best flavor carrier. All the flavor molecules stick to the outside of the fat molecule, and hit the taste-buds head-on. (Yes, I just put on my Microbiologist/Chemist hat.)  I wish Nestlé made an unsweetened version.

Look at these kids.  They loved it, too.  (My favorite hat is the G-Mom hat.)  GS Creamers3

I’m going to keep Girl Scout flavored Coffee-Mate on my shopping list.


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