Good News Monday #38(aka,34): Electrostatic Capture, Vertical Harvest, and Africa

I might be cheating just a bit this week. I noticed that I had this post still in draft form. Say Whaaaat?! My personal bit of good news is that I have a consulting gig. So, it’s like a little blessing to find something I wrote and didn’t share yet, just waiting there, ready to give me a break. It’s a bit like getting a package in the mail, that I forgot I ordered. Almost like getting a gift, don’t you think?

There is some really good news. And lots of evidence of people doing good things. Here’s some I found this week.

“The Tyre Collective”

Have you ever wondered what happens to your treads when your tires wear out? Me neither. But they have to go somewhere. It turns out that tons of particles end up polluting the ocean. In fact, next. to plastic bags, tires are the second contributor to micro plastic pollution in the ocean. Plus, the tire dust is so fine, in also pollutes the air and our lungs.

A team of British students called the Tyre Collective came up with an ingenuous way to cut down on plastic pollution., reclaiming tire plastics through electrostatic collection plates. 60% can be reclaimed now, working toward more efficiency. Tires are the second highest contributor of micro plastic pollution in the air and waterways.

Tire dust turns out to be positively charged. So, the Tyre Collective made a device that uses electrostatics to captures dust at the source and is wrapped around part of the edge of a tyre. The device uses a combination of the aerodynamics of the spinning wheel and electrostatics to collect the dust.

From the Daily Mail

The students won the UK James Dyson Award for their ingenious invention.

Find out more here.

Vertical Harvest

Nona Yehia wanted fresh produce in her town located in the mountains of Wyoming. It’s not exactly a good place to grow lettuce and tomatoes.

So Nona got creative. Vertical Harvest converted a three story building to a large greenhouse. As a result, her 40 person staff grows 10 acres of farm produce in an area that takes up 1/10 of the horizontal space.

That’s not all the good news from Vertical Harvest. Nona employs people disabilities to nurture her garden. People like Ty Warner now not only have a job, they have a purpose.

Find out more at

Africa spared Covid-19 deaths

Although antibody tests show infection rate in Kenya, and other parts Africa have an infection rate on par with Spain, the death rate is a fraction of what is is elsewhere in the world. Scientists do not know why. Still, it’s reason to celebrate. Find out more here.

I saved some personal good news for last. Today I’m in Michigan for a book club appearance in Millington. I can hardly wait to meet new reader friends. (I’m working from my iPad instead of my computer. That might be why I’m having a little trouble with adding photos!)

What’s on your good news radar this week? I’d love to hear. More is always better.