Good News Monday Week 6: Shiners, Finders, Oscars, and Dancers

Week 6! I admit, it was harder this week, but once I got my radar calibrated, I found so much good new that I had too much for this post. Imagine that.

On the local level: Night to Shine

The Tim Tebow Foundation sponsored an event for special needs high school students. Buddies for all 100 guests were limo’d to a red carpet entrance at Springbrook Community Church in Huntley. Guests had a night of dancing, karaoke, photos, and lots of other fun activities.

On a State level: A respectful man

Robert Ray shopping at a Goodwill store found way more than a bargain. His $2.99 “figurine” decorated with a military-style flag and eagle turned out to be an urn with a deceased person’s ashes. Robert now searches for the loved-ones.

Peoria Goodwill Store

On the personal level: The Oscars

First, I guessed 16 of the 24 televised award recipients correctly. That’s 2 of of 3 correct! That’s waaaay better than most years. So good, if trivial, good news.

I already had my fingers crossed for “Hair Love.” I got involved early with the KickStarter program. I am delighted that this sweet story won. I know it’s a statement about black hair. Still, if you’ve every watched a father struggle to style his daughter’s hair, this one will bring a tear to your eye.

And the ending…. Oh my!

On the international level: “Parasites”

I L-O-V-E, love this movie. Two good news bits here. By far my favorite. I like a movie that entertains and makes me think, even days later.

  • The category changed from Best Foreign Language Film, to Best International Film. “Parasite” won. Maybe this seems like just semantics. I think it’s much more.
  • “Parasite” won Best Picture!

Loved-One fell in love with the characters.

How could you not feel good with this kind of Oscar acceptance:

In Science: The sun and Bill Nye

Bill Nye the Science Guy danced down the runway. Remember Bill Nye on “Dancing with the Stars? He hurt is knee and tried to dance in a brace. That’s giving it the Joe College try, but I, for one, was relieved when he failed to advance. Well, he’s still dancing; to Lizzo, no less. This time for prostate cancer awareness.

The sun is still a mystery. That’s about to change.

Even though our home star smolders every day in our skies, humans have only ever seen the sun from one perspective: face-on, from within the plane of the planets. The European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter, or SolO, is about to change that, as it is designed to perform a detailed reconnaissance of the sun that will allow it to see the star’s previously invisible polar regions.

National Geographic

It’s not just for science either. The sun’s activities can impact magnetic fields disabling power grids and interfering with communication. It can be lethal to astronauts. Efforts to learn more about the sun, is surely good news.

What good news do you have to share this week?