Gratitude Moday Link-up #54

IMG_2789My to-do list is getting longer every day, and for some reason, editing my book slides down on the priority list.  This weekend, I disconnected from the internet (sort of) and got some body-moving tasks done.  I also got to do some fun things with grand-children and friends.

So good for me!  While moving my body, and traveling to sites in my car, I had time to let my mind wander.  Sometimes I forget how important that is for my heart and my soul.

I re-centered and gave my book top priority.  That first, then my other writing.  So here I am, late in the afternoon, offering my gratitude list.  In no particular order:

  • The word “still.”  A four-letter word with so many meanings:  Still waters run deep; are you still working; home-made hootch from a basement still.  I’m still thinking.  What a wonderful language.
  • A favorite breakfast place.  I know the wait-staff; I am surprised by old friends, and the menu is scrumptious.
  • Good shoes.  Hotter, you make my heart sing.  The shoes are so comfy I feel barefoot with protection.
  • Health Insurance advocate, April.  I love the convenience of the internet, but sometimes I like to talk to a real person.  April, you got my primary care provider straightened out.  Well, not quite.  Even you don’t know why another (strange to me) doctor got assigned.  But, you will figure it out and get back to me, and you talked to my real PCP, and you assured me she is still my PCP, no matter what the card says; and you assured me I can call you anytime because, well because that’s your job.  Thank you, April.
  • Gas prices coming down.  Yay!
  • An exercise buddy.  I could go to the gym by myself.  It’s just more fun with you.  And to tell the truth, I go more often and have more fun when you are there.
  • Restoration Hardware.  Great Christmas ideas.  Did I say Christmas? No not yet.  Okay, yes, I have a file of ideas started.
  • A wood-burning fireplace.  Cozy up with my knitting, a good book, or a telephone call.  Oh, I almost don’t mind the cold weather.
  • An upstairs laundry room.  I can hear the laundry cycle, put my beautiful hand-made book mark in my book, and get a chore done, without it feeling like work at all.
  • Tulips.  I dug up the canna lilies and replaced them with tulip bulbs.  The hope of spring sleeps.


Snow is on the way tonight.  It’s snowing in the state just west of us.  Maybe tomorrow morning my office will look like this.  I’m ready.



Please join me and Laurel at Alphabet Salad with a Monday gratitude list.  I promise you won’t be sorry.