Gratitude Monday: The Little Things

Sometimes life seems to plod along with little excitement.  No unhappiness, no drama, no big plans.  Ho-hum.  That, in itself, is reason to be grateful.  In the boring humdrum of everyday, comes a space to listen.

Making Gratitude Monday a habit has propelled me to jot some simple pleasures down throughout the week, reminding me how much I have.

Here are this weeks, in no particular order:

  1. Lilies of the Valley:  tiny, little flowers full of fragrance.  This beauties are so tiny and delicate. Yet, they are so strong that the bunch of them are pushing the landscaping fabric out of their way.  Nothing can keep them from achieving their collective goal.
  2. Sunshine:  This week it rained and rained, and then it snowed.  Yesterday, the sun shone bright.  Frogs warmed themselves on the rocks.  So did I!
  3. Grandchildren:  eight of the 12 arrived yesterday, bringing bear-hugs and bouquet of tulips.  Warmer than sunshine.Monday30 3
  4. Duckie:  She planned a “surprise” party with ice-cream pie.  One said “Happy Birthday,” the other said “Happy Mother’s Day.” She planned the whole thing by herself.
  5. The WNBA, especially the Chicago Sky.  I’m really into this team.  What a pleasure it is to see them turn an 18 point deficit to a 2 point win.
  6. Getting Lost:  Sunday’s sermon made me realize that my lack of (geographical) direction may be the key to my faith.  Many times I just trust that I will get where I need to go, even if I get lost along the way.
  7. Stickiness:  Wrestler #1 and I have a mutual distaste for Winnie the Pooh and all things sticky.  Disney's adaptation of Stephen Slesinger, Inc....The genetic ornurtured-in bond tickles me.  Did he learn this from me, or is it genetic?  I don’t know, but I love that he is like me.
  8. A clean house:  vacuumed and dusted and toilets cleaned.  We rolled up the area rug and re-arranged the furniture into our summertime arrangement.  Look, Sasha is exploring her new jungle.Monday30 2
  9. A new pond filter:  We forgot to bring the old one in last winter and all the fittings froze and broke.  I believe we will see the bottom of the pond soon.  I can see the koi already.
  10. Dandelions:  I know they are weeds.  Loved-One banned them from the yard.  Still, they are so cheerful and so tenacious.  How can I not love all that happy strong-willedness?


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