Gratitude Monday #50 Road Trip

This morning I woke up smiling. A quiet cup of coffee and a mini banana walnut muffin and things were moving for me in a positive way. I’m not sure why I feel so happy, maybe it was the dream I was having when I awoke at 5:30 AM. Maybe a smiling face at breakfast, a cook, already at work, and handing me a bottle of water. Maybe it was Loved-One pulling me close in the middle of the night. Maybe the higher altitude is lifting my spirits.

So in no particular order:
A road trip with Loved-One: I never get tired of him. I love his sense of humor and the quirky details he points out to me. This afternoon we ate at Rodriquez’s Polar King, authentic Mexican Food. What a funny sign.

Cell phones: Duckie calls me every day, just to check in and tell me how her day went.

Christina: A young trans-country runner I chatted with this morning. She started in New York, and is running to bring attention to families of Navy Seals. She’s going all the way to San Franscisco. Go, Christina, />IMG_0004.JPG

My Prius: It’s eleven years old and going strong. We are spending 1/2 the money on gasoline.

Good technical support: My new “Newsletters” plug-in is finally up and running. Thank you tech-support for importing over 1500 subscribers from my old plug-in.

Swimming pools in hotels: I love an early morning swim.

Mountains: So beautiful. I always wonder if people living near mountains take them for granted and bustle by without a second thought. I hope not.IMG_0006.JPG

WiFi: Need I say more?

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