Gratitude Monday #43: Loved-One

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High on my list today is Loved-One.  I’m thankful for him almost everyday, but today is our anniversary, so all that he gifts me with is flooding my mind today.  Plus, this weekend, I hosted a bridal shower for my godson and his beautiful fiancée.  A Jack-N-Jill shower with couples at every stage of marriage.

Here’s my list, in no particular order, but dominated by one person:

  • A companion that sees me in ways no one else does, like the way he recognizes how much like my dad I am.  The good parts, like my sense of humor and my human behavior experiments, and my willingness  to be a little goofy, while he forgets about those other parts, like my stubbornness, and how easily bruised my ego is.
  • A willing sous chef, who sets up while I chop and does the dishes while I flail about the kitchen.
  • Laughter every day of my life.  The good kind that makes my heart light and my belly ache.  Rarely the kind that is at someone’s expense.
  • A man who told me, when I was going through a particularly blue period, that I was only allowed 10,000 tears a day.  After that, I’d have to buck up until the next day.  I cried and cried and cried some more.  After which he said, “Sorry, the tears came too fast to count.  I only got to three.”
  • A man who likes to eat as much as I like to cook; and likes to eat healthy food, too.
  • A friend of few words and wonderfully wise insight.
  • Someone who loves my children almost as much as I do, and would do anything for them, as long as he’s had a cup of coffee first.
  • A grandfather who is patient and kind and speaks softly.
  • A partner who likes to do a lot of the same things I do, like bicycle, hike, swim, garden, ice cream; and is willing to try some new things like the ballet and book club; and recognizes we are not the same person and sometimes we need, absolutely must go our own way.
  • A toddler whisperer.  Yes, he really seems to understand how frustrating it is for to communicate, with so much to say, and so little command of the words required.
  • An answer to a prayer.
  • A soul-mate who gets pleasure from a balanced check book.  Of course I can do it.  But, do I like it?  A resounding NO.
  • A travel companion who enjoys watching army ants intersect a path of leaf-cutting ants as much as I do.  Guess what?  The leaf-cutters are the dominant ants, not the army ants.

I could go on and on.  In three words,

I am blessed.

That could almost be me.


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