Gratitude Monday #44: Labor Day

Please hop on over the Alphabet Salad and check out all the other gratitude lists this Monday.  I love starting my work-week with Laurel and all the other gracious people who share their lists.

This weekend is  Labor Day Weekend.  Isn’t it wonderful that we have a whole weekend to say thank you for all who labor?  Yes, we need more to protect laborers.  As Pope Leo XIII said in 1891 (can you believe it? 1891.):

A workman’s wage be sufficient to enable him comfortably to support himself, his wife and his children… As a general principle it may be laid down that a workman ought to have leisure and rest proportionate to the wear ad tear on his strength…

Wow!  1891.  That’s a long time  ago.  And we’re still working on a living wage.

So here’s my list, in no particular order:

  • Labor Unions:  I never worked in a unionized environment.   I did see a bumper sticker that said, “Enjoy your weekends?  Thank a Union Member.”  Yes, not so long ago, people worked seven days a week and “overtime pay” did not exist.  No national holidays, no holiday pay.  Thank you!  I do enjoy my weekend.
Too tired to finish his candy.
Too tired to finish his candy.
  • Little Workers:  Beanies four youngest came over and helped me lift and carry rocks from the retaining wall that needs repair.  I wish I had a picture to show you, but we were too busy working.  Wrestler #1’s son texted me asking if I had any chores for him  to do.  Yes indeed.  I do.
  • A nice size garage:  Wrestler #1 stores his paddle boards in our garage.  Little Workers  trudged down to the lake to cool off after our labor.  Me, too.  I probably would have just taken a shower, if it weren’t for Little Workers.  A jump in the lake is so much more fun.
  • Frogs and bees:  The bees hover over the water lilies this time of the year.  If I’m patient, I can see a frog leap out and catch one.  I swear the frog’s eyes bug out and his Adam’s apples bulges as he thinks, “What did I just catch?”  Then he leaps for another. “Yikes!”
  • Edging tools:  A simple manual tool that really works.
  • The Chicago Sky:  We’re going to the playoff game tonight.  I hope they win.  Duckie is such a fan.  She’s made me one, too.
  • “Garfunkel and Oats”:  Okay, they are sort of crass, but I will forever love them, for their “Sports Go Sports” alone.  My sentiment exactly, Ladies.


(click on the picture to see the video)

  • Labor Day Sales:  Retaining wall bricks are on sale.
  • Retaining wall bricks:  These things really make building a wall (the good kind) easy.  I already built one, with a flower bed, at the end of my water garden.
  • A wedding at my house in 20 days:  Such a motivator to get all the work done.  These projects loitered in the conceptual stage way too long.
  • A bumper crop of tomatoes.  Loved-One and I juiced about 14 quarts last night.  This morning we start canning.

There’s a whole lot more, but it’s already almost 8:30.  I gotta get back to work, so I can rest from my labors this afternoon.