Gratitude Monday #52: Fall

In younger years, I disliked autumn.  Autumn ushered in winter.  Everyday of fall was a step closer to bleakness. Autumn was brown and dead.  Each cool day was a sign of things to come.

halloweenSomewhere along life’s journey, I fell in love with fall.  I love the colors and the sounds and the smells.  I love the reds and the oranges and the yellows.  I love the rustle of leaves and the long shadows in the afternoon.  I love hot cider with cinnamon sticks.  I love a field of mushrooms growing in the mulch and the mustiness of harvested bean fields.

So fall leads my gratitude list this month.  Here are a few more in no particular order:

Whistling tea-kettles:  calling me to a hot cup of Constant Comment tea.  I love the smell of the orange rinds and the memory of mom sipping this very same tea.

Solar twinkle lights:  two strands remain lining the path in my back yard.  Still functional, one partially chewed by a squirrel, still reminding me of  a beautiful wedding in my back yard not so very long ago.

Hugs from grandchildren:  hugs in a hotel swimming pool, hugs in a hallway, hugs before bed-time, hugs hello, and hugs goodbye. hugs (1)

Walks through dry leaves:  the rustle, the smell, the texture, the color.  Mmmmm….

Fountain pens:  smooth flow of purple ink on paper feels so good and make my handwriting look almost beautiful.

Battery operated blue-tooth speakers:  We put Siri in the backseat while navigating.  We listened to Pandora music and stand-up comedy. Resulting in an entertaining 3-hour trip.  Next road trip, audio books narrated from the back seat.

Heart-felt congratulations:  Wrestler #2 embraced the 2015 Teacher of the Year in a warm bear-hug.    On stage.  Spontaneous, sincere, heart-felt.  The crowd let out a harmonious “Awwww.”  I am awed.  I am touched.  I am proud. I am thankful.

Long shadows in the afternoon:  The shadow of last leaves blowing in the breeze, dappling the already covered lawn, floating to the pond surface. For some reason, this lifts my heart and makes it sing.


What’s on your gratitude list this week.  Please join Laurel at Alphabet Salad and share.