Gratitude Monday #62

It’s Monday again, with all the to-do lists, appointments and commitments that come with Mondays.  I love Monday.  A clean slate, a fresh start, a promise of accomplishments and adventures.  This Monday, I’m speeding off for an interview with Marc, a pharmacist I popped in on a few weeks ago.  I only wanted to snap a quick photo for my feature article about the flu vaccine.  What a treat.  It turns out he is an expert on pulmonary disease.  I get to know more about him and his expertise later this morning.  So first on my list is:

♥  My newest writing job.  I love writing, I love meeting new people.  I love that I can focus on what I want to write about, which is what’s write, what’s positive, and what puts a smile on my face. This gig is like a gift I get paid to receive.

♥  Longer days.  Oh I do love the sunshine. Longer days remind me that the weather will soon be warmer. Before long we’ll be complaining about heat and humidity.

♥  Lost lists.  Maybe it’s the starting over that tickles me.  What was it I had to do?  Can I remember?  Or is there something even more important now?

♥  Shared books. I just love when I come across a highlighted passage or a penciled note in the margin.  I feel so connected to the person who shared her heart with me.  I am passing on a book to my sister today.  I hope she feels the same way.

♥  Ann Voskamp and her one thousand gifts. Yes, that’s the book I’m sharing.  I feel like I’m sending a friend on a trip to meet someone I love.

♥  Hoarfrost.

hoarfrost (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Frozen fog. What a delight of nature! Twinkling in the sun, hazy on a cloudy day. Hoarfrost must be God’s way of warming hearts on an arctic morning. Thank you!

♥  A bookmark reminding me of a talented friend. I Laurel “tangled” it for me. I know nothing about the art of “tangling,” but the outcome is beautiful. Laurel has been marking my way as I got to know Ann and the art of thankfulness.

♥  On Demand.  Yes, it’s Oscar Time. I’ve only seen 14 of the too numerous to count nominations.  Two more thanks to On Demand. I can see the movies in my living room with friends for less than the cost of one theatre ticket.

So what makes your heart sing with gratitude this week?  Please link up with Laurel at Alphabet Salad and share with us.