Gratitude Monday #64

Here I am again at Monday, hardly knowing where the week went.  A busy life is one very important thing to be thankful for.  Let’s see… What else?  Off the top of my head in no particular order:

♥  Below Zero days:  Fahrenheit, for the benefit of my non-USA readers.  Brrr… my jeans are stiff and the flesh in my nostrils stick together.  Below Zero days make sunshine and a just-freezing temperature seem like a balmy spring day.

♥   Cats paws.  Shasha and Misha each have a tender way of touching my face or arm with their soft front foot-pads that seem like an infant’s ‘I love you.’ Followed by a friendly nip to remind me that domesticated as they are, they still remember their deep down ferocity.


♥  February.  Cold, bleak, damp and most important and short.  Already 1/3 of the way through, crocuses will soon be peeking out of your frozen ground.

♥  Movies I never wanted to see. This weekend I watched two.  Paddington with CoCo,  and Non-Stop  with Loved-One. One delightfully entertaining and the other a nail-biter.  I preferred an award nominee. (Still trying to see them all, but woefully behind the mark.) What a nice surprise with each of these flicks.

♥  Cheerleading Grand-daughter.  Miss K is in 5th grade.  She smiled like crazy, focused on keeping her core strong, and cheered like a semi-pro.  I haven’t smiled so much through a basketball game, since, well since I was a cheerleader.

♥  #MakeItHappy.  An initiative by Coca-Cola to move internet comments and posts from snark and negativity to well, to make it happy. From a spokesperson: “Internet is what we make it, and we hoped to inspire people to make it a more positive place.” (Boo, the campaign got pulled because Gawker built a bot that turned the campaign into hate-messages.  Boo again.)

♥   Writers. Last week Kristen Harnisch, author of The Vintner’s Daughter, talked to me about her journey to getting her book published.  What a blessing.  So kind of her to stop her busy life for me. She gave such good advice and encouragement.  She is wonderful example of paying it forward. Thank you for the kindness, Kristen.

A gratitude list is a great way to start the week.  Reading other’s is an added bonus.  Please hop on over to Laurel at Alphabet Salad, if you want to join the fun.