Gratitude Monday: Back in the Saddle

Did you miss me a little, last week?  I took a vacation with three grandkids, their mom, Coco and Love-One.  I scurried to get some posts scheduled, got my newspaper articles written, and set off for Disney World (and Universal.)  Oh what a great time we had. The weather was hot, hot, hot, which brings me to the first thing on my gratitude list:

🙂  Air-conditioning:  Usually, I’m cursing the cold of air-conditioned restaurants. “I shouldn’t have to carry a sweatshirt everywhere I go!” It’s summer, it’s supposed to be hot. But even this warm-weather-lover, appreciates a reprieve from 95° heat. And lucky me, the shops and restaurants in the parks keep their doors open to let a little of that cool air waft out over limp walkers.

😉  Strong feet, legs, and FitBit: I walked about 8 miles everyday.  Yes, my calves ached.  Yes, I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t track a single calorie.  If I can just keep walking at that rate, I’ll never gain a pound.  Of course, that means I’ll be walking all day long, every day.

😉 Mermaid lessons:  The highlight of the vacation, watching 8 year-old Miss S flap her mermaid tail in the swimming pool.mermaid - 1

😉 Ice Cream:  My favorite dessert is a must when I’m on vacation.  What a treat.  This must be what heaven is all about.

😉  A resort with all kinds of activities. From salsa lessons, to mermaid lessons, a dive-in movie at the pool, and hair-braiding for Coco.  What a lucky, lucky woman I am.

😉  A reliable cat sitter:  Sasha and Misha actually seemed disappointed that we returned.  Well, at first they turned their noses up a bit. After a few minutes, both cats climbed into my lap; forgiveness in the form of licks and purrs.

😉  Rain:  Nothing wilted or died.  The garden thrives, the flowers are perky.  Yes, weeds flourished, too, but so far we’ve got the upper hand.

😉  A post-divorce relationship that welcomes me to travel with the ex-wife of Wrestler #1.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, wonderful son of mine.

😉 A beautiful wedding: We came home, turned around, and traveled to our nephew’s wedding.  Connecting with family is such a blessing.  These two seem so very suited for each other.  They give meaning to the fable of the split-apart. (Short, simplified version, we all search the world for our other half, the part that god split from us on the day of creation.)philandkate - 1

😉  A birthday party of donned mustaches, beach ball volleyball, and badminton. What a great way to end the vacation, Miss G’s ninth birthday party.

😉 Free-lance jobs I love, a community of writers I missed, re-connecting on social media, and well…. getting back in the swing of things.  It’s so good to be back to work.mustaches - 2

Whooooshhh!  I feel so blessed.

What’s on your gratitude list this week?  Please hop on over to Laurel’s site, Alphabet Salad, and check out some others.  You won’t be sorry.  I promise.