Gratitude Monday: Football means marching bands

Here it is Monday again.  I had a full and relaxing weekend, almost unplugged from electronics. Last week, I felt like I walked around in a fog.  Allergies and a late night at a Village Board meeting, left my face itchy and my brain irritated.  I’m not sure which caused which, but all week I felt like I needed a nap, and as soon as I laid my head on a pillow, my brain began to race.  Plus, Saturday was my first “Meet local Indy Authors,” I woke from a nightmare that my novel filled with errors, including red-lining.  Holy Cripe!  [tweetthis]Through that fog, I can see clearly that my life is, indeed, abundant. [/tweetthis] So here’s my list, in no particular order.

  • A generous author network, willing to help each other.  My table mate, Kimberly Schumacher, author of My Letters to Amy, is just a few months ahead of me.  She is so willing to share her journey and her wisdom.  We turned out to have very similar backgrounds.  I’m sure we are destined to be friends.  Ninety-one-year-old Erane Elizabeth Scully, author of Carrion Vine  and The Winds of War is proof that age is not a barrier to success.  Next month she will be featured in a documentary at a local film festival.
  • Mr. N showed up to at the library as my Illustrator of The Fable of Little Tzurie. Remembering how I was as a teen, I am so tickled to have grandchildren willingly spend time with me.  In public.gratitutde-2
  • Mr. B turned 18!  My bonus grand-daughter, Miss A, is 21.  Still, something about that first crossing the threshold into adult-hood is pretty special.  AND, he wants to spend the day with me and G-Dad this coming Saturday at Open House Chicago.  Yay!
  • Chocolates and roses still going strong from my launch party.  Roses from CoCo, so thoughtful of her, and delicious Belgium chocolates that Loved-One and I share.
  • Sleeping in until almost 8 on Sunday.  Loved-One rolled a pillow up next to my back and sneaked downstairs, incognito.  I never even knew dawn blossomed into full sunshine.
  • Marching Band competition with CeCi and her kids.  It’s an annual event now.  I love the marching bands.  Oh my, the skill far surpasses my high school days.
  • A spontaneous day-trip to Wisconsin where we buy haddock.  I love haddock.  Loved-One tracked down the place.  And, hallelujah, it’s on sale.  And we bought some giant meatballs and mushroom ravioli.
  • Another week without turning the furnace on.  Warmth is my manna.
  • Yoga and a good sense of balance.
  • A new WordPress theme (Author.)  I love the new look it gives this blog.

What’s on your list this week?  I love hearing from you.  You almost always remind me of another reason to be thankful.

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