Gratitude Monday: In the Wake of a Storm

A tornado touched down in the county where I live.  Nobody hurt. The winds and rain knocked down one of our trees. tree down - 1 Again, nobody hurt. Even most of the flowers sprang back to life, perhaps stretching in the sun after years in the shade.  I swear one of my garden flocks bloomed while Loved-One and I cleaned up the mess. [tweetthis]Summer is full of surprises. [/tweetthis]Of course, top on my list is:  Nobody hurt.  And in no particular order some other things for which I give thanks:

♥ My editor, Lisa Romeo.  You are just the right blend of gentle, clear, and firm.  Just the kind of editor I need.

😉 Wheelbarrows.  I filled one with sticks from all over other parts of the yard.  Who invented this three-wheeled wonder.  I love you.

🙂 Flip flops.  No not while the cleanup was underway.  That’s just silly.  So wonderful to flip on my LizaB’s and run out where ever I want to go. Feed the fish, get the mail, walk over to the neighbors.

🙂 A flute friend.  Kris, you are so good for me.  Like Lisa, you push and encourage at the same time.  A duet in August.  So fine.

🙂 Coco’s persistence. She’s got connection with the Chicago Sky WNBA team.  She got us 4 t-shirts and 4 tickets to the game yesterday for a great price.

🙂 Surprises.  Coco’s contact gave us seats practically under the basket and access to a buffet lunch of hamburgers, chips, cookies, sodas, and more.  Diet began again today.  Starting over is fun to do.

♥  Chicago Theatre.  Kinky Boots here we come.

🙂  Fresh blueberries and Bill’s Blueberry Cobbler. So easy to make and really delicious.  I had it for breakfast with some Greek yogurt.  Half-way healthy.

🙁 Allegra.  Not the music annotation.  The allergy medicine.  Thanks to Allegra, I’m almost back to normal.

😉 Bifocals.  My optometrists said I’d love them.  I do. What do you think?bifocals - 1

As always, please join me and Laurel over at Alphabet Salad for more Gratitude Lists.  A great way to start the week.