Gratitude Monday: It’s all good (okay, it’s not all bad)

First, everyone (except me) complained about too much rain. It was too cool to recognize summer. Next, we got a mini-drought and some super hot weather.  Now the mosquitoes are out; so tiny, with stingers that pierce through my garden gloves. [tweetthis] Summer hints her farewell. So what is there to croon praise about? Plenty.[/tweetthis]

♥  Humming birds: I know their migration means summer is coming to a close.  Still, I love the hurried hum of activity around the flowers. Was that a humming-bird I saw out of the corner of my eye?  I’m not sure.  Watch. Wait. Yes, indeed it is.DSC04172

🙂 Other writers:  I’m still in a bliss-haze connecting with writers at the Writing Chicago conference.  Today I received an invite for a free retreat.  Yay!

♥  New neighbors.  I miss Cathy and Mike.  Getting to know Doris and her brood, a bit hit or miss.  Last night, I reluctantly followed Loved-One to Doris’s house for a BBQ.  “I don’t hear anyone outside.”  “It’s probably too late.”  “I don’t want to be a bother.”  What a good time we had. So, so happy Loved-One insisted.

cone flower - 1🙂 Butterflies: Red-spotted Purples, Painted Ladies, Tiger Swallow-tails, <onarchs, and even the Cabbage. They flit and flutter, reminding me that their “real” name is flutterby. So many people mis-pronounced the name, linguists gave up the fight, and we now have butterfly.  Such gaiety.

🙂  Long garden hoses: yes, I can get the essentials watered, so they don’t die, all the while remembering that water is scarce for some. No need to overdo. And too much water deluges others. My prayers go out to those suffering in the monsoon.

🙂  Sun-showers:  all day we’ve had sun, then clouds, then showers, then sun before the shower stops.  How lovely.

🙂 Netflix: We’re bingeing on “Orange is the New Black” and watching a few movies like “Cake” in between.  Probably wouldn’t be if the mosquitoes weren’t keeping us inside!

🙂 Grandchildren who like to help pull weed.  Thank you sweethearts.

♥  Fresh tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, onions from the garden.  We probably won’t have enough for the winter, but we have enough for now. And that’s good enough reason to

What’s on your list this Monday? Stumped?  Hop on over to Alphabet Salad and check out the lists there.  I bet you’ll leave feeling grateful. I always do.