Gratitude Monday: January Freeze

First, a 3-inch snowfall right in time for my flute solo at the annual Epiphany concert. Next we hit the sub-zero weather. And that’s Farenheit, for my Celcius friends out ther.  Brrrrrrrrumba.  So where’s the gratitude?  Everywhere.

  • It’s nearly the middle of January, and it’s the very first sub-zero day.  That’s something worth celebrating.
  • The snow on the trees froze to beautiful crystals that dazzle in the cold sunlight.
  • The days are getting longer.
  • The solo went well.  Not flawless, but close enough to make me happy.  Lots of positive feedback,which I’m holding onto tightly.
  • A flute trio with a friend and an little girl, which got spontaneous applause at church.  I call in Two Old Ladies and a LIttle Girl. 
  • Amtrak. I’m on my way to visit Mom for five days.  Yeah!
  • Black paint on yellow caution signs turned beautiful in a backdrop of dazzling snow.
  • The cofidence of Gloria Doty.  She asked me to be an “advance reader” for her new novel Bring a Cowboy Home. What a lovely story.  I started reading it on the train, and had to make myself put it down to write this post. Thank you Gloria!
  • Long underwear.  I’m pretty sure that needs no explanation.
  • Blue tooth keyboards.  I can type with my keyboard on my lap and my iPad somewhere secure.