Gratitude Monday, Link-up #56

Last week Mom told me she refuses to work on Sunday.  I decided to take a lesson from her book.  Except for getting the netting in from the water garden, I did not do a lick of work.  Mom is so wise, and I am so blessed that I can just be a slug for a day.  I failed to do anything else productive.  And guess what?  I’m raring to go this morning.

So here’s my gratitude list this week, in no particular order:

  • 401K funds with employer matching:  Even a huge nest egg is much bigger thanks to my past corporate life.
  • Warm spells:  The pond water had a solid block of ice.  Thick enough to hold a full-grown deer. DSC05988 The netting froze into the water.  Thanks to some spring-like weather, we only got it out.  Thanks to Love-One and his sledge-hammer!  The heater and the aerator will take good care of the koi for the winter.
  • Shopping local:  Our cabinet retailer got a brand-new drawer sent to us, free-of-charge.  I’m sure it’s partly because she remembered us from 11 years ago and trusted we weren’t the sort of folks that stand in our drawers.  (Kitchen drawers, we do occasionally stand around in our drawers, but not in public.)
  • Flute music:  Playing my flute is really good for my soul.  I can’t explain why, but it sure is good for me.
  • Order out pizza on Bears Sunday:  I didn’t even have to cook!
  • “Virtual Friends” that become real friends.  You know who you are.  Who would have thought I’d be connecting with people from New York, California, and Texas, let alone India and Australia.  I love our chats.
  • Dreary days with rain: This morning I woke to NPR telling me the rain would turn to snow by this afternoon. sang out a mixed up version of Dan Folgerberg’s song, Old Lang Syne:  “and the rain turned into snow.”  I know, I know, the lyrics are really “and the snow turned into rain.”  I can sing it anyway I want from the comfort of my cozy-warm bed at 5:08 in the morning.
  • Starting over:  Okay, this week, I will exercise.  I’m determined.  See what a day of total lethargy can do to me?
  • Hoola Hoops:  so much fun and a great way to exercise.  Who invented these anyways?DSCN3722 I can hole hoop indoors, too.
  • Things discovered by accident:  I just discovered how to get a space between the bullets.  Double ‘control/return’, add bullet.  A little thing I know, but look how much better my list looks.

What’s on your gratitude list this week?  Please join me and Laurel at Alphabet Salad for her link-up.