Gratitude Monday: Loafing a Little

It’s Monday and it’s time for a little Gratitude.  Thanks, Laurel, from Alphabet Salad for keeping this link-up going.  Some Monday’s it feels like a chore, others the gratitudes just overflow.  Can you guess what kind of Monday this is?

Here’s my gratitude list in no particular order:

  • An exercise buddy.  Sure you wimped out on me at the last-minute today, but I’m going to BodyPump without you.
  • FitBit buddies and Duckie.  The days Duckie works, we meet half way.  It’s about five miles.  Still, I’m in sixth place with my walking buddies.  You peeps inspire me to keep on stepping.
  • The ability to loaf when I want.  I know things ahead of this one, sound like I’m not loafing, but… Today, I read part of a novel, played Candy Crush, tried out a new recipe, watched TV… You get the picture.  Now, I’m finally writing a bit.
  • Wedding plans.  The bride and groom came over with all their plans for the wedding in out back yard.  They have everything under control.  All I’m asked to do is make cupcakes.  Yeah!
  • Nieces.  Sabrina is planning a wedding shower with me for my nephew,Carla joined in. Oh, my!  They have such good ideas. Yeah to the next generation.
  • The internet.  So much interesting stuff.  Good thing I can loaf-off when I want.
  • Texas nephews and my brother, their father.  I got a text this week, “The boys want to know, ‘Why didn’t you tell us Aunt Adela was so cool?'”  Who knew!IMG_0146
  • Dark chocolate.  Need I explain this one?

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