Gratitude Monday: Memories and More

As usual, I’m linking up with Laurel and Alphabet Salad for a little gratitude sharing. Today my list is whimsical and serious. My heart and mind remember a person whose quiet influence threads through my childhood and remains strong through my adulthood. I will not miss Aunt Arlene. She will be a part of me always.

Appreciative people: This week I got a dozen roses from Dr. Sweet, a dentist/sculptor I interviewed for a newspaper feature story. He loved the story I did. He is such an interesting person. Soon, I will write something here about him.

Aunt Arlene: On Independence Day, Aunt Arlene passed away. I may always think of her as my quiet Aunt. The mother of Gary and Jeff, two obnoxiously boisterous cousins. At long last, Aunt Arlene was blessed with Beverly, a sweet little girl, who helped clean up messes, as set things straight, until she was actually big enough to really help. Or at least that’s the story Uncle Glenn told, back when we were all little. Aunt Arlene was a study in graceful beauty, dedicated to her family and mad in love with Uncle Glenn. I could tell by the way they looked at each other.

Amtrak & Metra: For almost the same price as gas and dinner, I am at Mom’s and ready to attend Aunt Arlene’s funeral. A senior rate, and priority boarding: Simple pleasures for a journey.

Fireworks: I love them. I marvel at the chemistry and physics hiding behind the kaboom and flare. How do they make a Smiley Face emerge from an explosion? It’s a marvel.

Hot Air Balloons: I missed the fesitval, but the pictures shared blew me away. There was a time, when I aspired to get a pilots lisence and my own baloon. The air is still and the basket is warm. On my one Christmas Gift balloon ride, I floated in near peaceful bliss, waving to ant-sized people below. Next year. Next year. There’s always next year.

Insulated Lunch Bags: I packed my dinner for the train ride. Wonderful. A turkey-cheese sandwich on brown bread, tomatoes, and grapes for desert. Oh yes, and a Snickers that Duckie tucked in as an act of love.

Willing Workers: Thanks to three grandchildren and a tag-along friend, I got a new flower bed dug. I planted the decorative grass and lily of the valley myself. Thank you Miss S, Misses E, and Mr. N. You worked super-hard in the hot sun.

Old Blankets: I pulled out blankets to sit on for the local fireworks display and bundled them into a reusable grocery bag for the long hike to the top of the hill. “That’s really old,” Beanie said, burying her face in the red wool plaid. “I remember this blanket lining the bottom of our red wagon.” I do, too. And I remember you (and your sibs) clinging to the sides of the wagon as we bumped along to the fireworks in days gone by.

New Work: This goes along with appreciation because someone recognized my value and asked for more. Yes, and then there’s the manuscript edits that I’m plugging away at. My book is shaping up better than ever.

The Silliness of Cats: Sasha is the playful girl, but her sister Misha, out did herself this week. Here she is trying to “hunt” my grandfather’s clock pedulum.


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