Gratitude Monday: Mind Wandering Everywhere

I feel a little blue today for reasons I fail to identify.  I plan to let the feelings swell and subside, like the waves on Lake Michigan.  If all else fails, a pot of Tear Water Tea should do the trick.  In the meantime, I remind myself of all my blessing, big and small.  Here they are in no particular order.

grief (1)

  • Beneficial Bacteria:  My water garden is clear and healthy.  (I know, it’s strange to put this first, but I am a microbiologist, so I gotta love the little ones.)
  • Wedding vows that make me think.  We attended my nephew’s wedding this weekend.  Whoa Mama, Reverend Meeks (not his real name) had a way of scaring the begeezers out of me, and I already know most of the ups and downs of marriage.  It reminded me of watching a childbirth video during my second pregnancy:  A lot more scarier in theory than in reality.  Come-on kids, relax.  Sharing your life with someone who knows you inside and out is a blast.  And a challenge.  And a comfort.
  • Brothers:  Loren who is as handsome as a movie star; Frank, my first pal; John who gets me.  So lucky I got to see all three of you in the same room.
  • Fathers in my life:  Sons, brothers, brothers-in-law, step-fathers, god-fathers, friends.  Watching your firm-gentle guidance is a lesson in love.
  • My editor:  Great feedback and now for some revisions.  Yes, I can; Yes, I can.
  • Midlife Boulevard:  Thanks for featuring my Father’s Day Post.  I miss you Dad.

    Mom & Dad on their 25th Wedding Anniversary