Gratitude Monday: New Friends in Old Places

IMG_0939[tweetthis]I’m still in the afterglow of BAM Conference 2016.[/tweetthis]  Yay! for Julie, my roommate.  From across the stratosphere, we discover that we grew up about an hours drive from each other.  Another Michigander to add to my friend list.  More new friends, Joanne, Sara, Kathy, Beth, and more.  Meeting old friends, Sharon, Doreen, Pam and others.  What a blast we all had.  Plus, my head is abuzz with new ideas for my blog, new things to write about.

Ahh… but it’s good to be home.  And now this afternoon, I’m off again.  This time to South Carolina, to use the left side of my brain.

So in no particular order, here’s what’s on my Gratitude list this week.

  • Midlife and Beyond girlfriends.  You are so dear to me.
  • Tons of ideas to make my writing more appealing.
  • A special surprise greeting from Beth. IMG_0901
    • Sisters who believe in the drop in visits.  Julie, on her way to see her second son, will stop to see her second sister (that’s me!)
    • UBER.  Yes, there’s Uber drivers way out here.  The drive to the airport will be much less expensive than the last time I hired a driver.
    • Jonquils.  You tiny little replicates of my larger daffodils.  You are a giggle to the laughter your sisters bring to my heart.
    • Sweet Sixteen.  Miss E, can it really be?  Yes, indeed, another grandchild is authorized to drive.
    • Bridge to Life.  I am so privileged to work with a company that helps transfer life from donor to recipient.
    • Clean counters.  Loved-One knows just how to make my homecoming perfect.  Yes.  Nothing says “I love you” like clean counters.
    • Clouds from the other side.