Gratitude Monday: Summertime and Grandchilden

On Mondays I Link to Laurel and her Alphabet Salad to share gratitude.  Please be sure to click on over and see the gratitude she, and others, share.


 gratutude 1 This weekend we celebrated Miss G’s eighth birthday.  She and her two brothers are the grandchildren that live the furthest from me.  It takes us about and hour-fifteen if traffic and construction don’t thwart us.  I am so grateful all fourteen of my grandchildren live so close by.  Besides a rollicking game of kickball around some outdoor pools, Miss G loved the cake I made her.  Three are coming over this morning to help me with yardwork.  I am truly blessed.

Here are just a few random things for which I give thanks this week.

  •  DSC01656Fireworks:  I love 4th of July fireworks.  How many can I get to this year?  They start on Thursday in my town, and cycle through neighboring towns all weekend long.  Woot!Woot!
  • Fish:  My two koi (Zorro and Bleu) are thriving.  They help me keep the pond ecosystem in check, and I believe I finally outsmarted the Blue Heron.  YaHoo!
  • Muscles:  I have some.  Thanks to Body Pump at the local health club, an exercise partner, and building a retention wall in the backyard, I now look like a mini Incredible Hulk.  Okay, I can see some muscle definition in my shoulders and neck.  WeeHa!
  • gratutudeBicycle:  I love riding my bike.  I feel like a kid again.  Especially now that my new bike is a cool shade of turquoise and has a seat and handle bars that let me kick my legs out and coast.  Wheeeeeeeee!
  • Friends:  Friends from church, friends in my neighborhood, friends from long ago, new friends, blogger friends, family friends, and blends of all of these.  You make my life full.  Ahhhh!
  • DSC02003Rain:  My surroundings are like a rainforest so far this summer.  Flowers and vegetables, shrubs and grass are all flourishing.  And no need to drag a hose around to water.  Mmmmm….
  • gratutude 2Cats:  Oh Sasha and Misha, you crack me up.  They play a game of “fetch the Beanie Babies” every day, climb in my lap when I’m reading, and nest on my desk when I’m writing.  My-O-My.
  • Mom:  I am so lucky to talk to her every week.  She is so full of wisdom and fun.
  • Fitbit:  10,000 steps and 10 flights of stairs is my daily goal.  Fitbit gives me a reason to move.  PushIt!
  • Kim:  A gift of musicality, our church choir director.  This Sunday she’s back after her vacation.  She has the gift of making everyone sound better.  I don’t know how she does it, but she does.  WowWee-PowWee!

What’s on your gratitude list this week?